Annual Congregation Meeting January 22nd

The annual congregational meeting for Triumphant Cross will be held on Sunday January 22nd immediately following worship (Snow date-January 29th . We will present the finance report and 2017 budget review on January 15th during fellowship hour. After the annual meeting, we invite you to join us in fellowship for a Time & Talent review, as members of our various ministry teams travel table to table to talk about the amazing work we are doing in ChristÕs name in our communities, and how you can be involved.

Voting Members

You must be a member of Triumphant Cross to vote on agenda items presented at the Annual Meeting. If you have any questions about your membership status, please contact the church office.



I. Call to Order Tracy Jahrling

II. Opening Prayer Pastor Scott

III. Approval of and or Addition to Agenda Tracy Jahrling

IV. Confirmation that a Quorum of 25 Members Marje Armstrong

V. Minutes from January 2016 Annual Meeting and 2016 Special Congregation Meeting (Motion to Approve or Amend and Vote) Marje Armstrong

VI. Nominating Committee Report and Election of Council Members (Nominations from the Floor, Motion and Vote) Tracy Jahrling

VII. 2017 Budget Recommendation (Discussion, Motion to Approve or Amend, and Vote) Bill Nesheim

VIII. PastorÕs Report Pastor Scott Howard

IX. Ministry Summaries and Questions from the Congregation

X. Old Business

XI. New Business

XII. Motion to Adjourn Jean Berube

XIII. Benediction Pastor Scott Howard


Your Church Leaders are working on finalizing our 2016 Annual Report. The report will be posted on Facebook and our Website by January 11th.