Our Mission Statement

The mission of Triumphant Cross Lutheran Church is to provide for the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of its members through worship, learning, and outreach, to provide an environment for building community, to bring new members into the church, and to support the Lutheran Church at large, so that we and others may experience God’s love through Jesus Christ.

  • We strive to continue our strong traditional services and we hope to provide multiple ways to worship God using a variety of styles that are welcoming and attractive to younger adults and families.Mission
  • We strive to be a congregation that knows, loves, laughs, and learns with one another.
  • We strive to provide life long learning that focuses on spiritual growth and faith formation.
  • We strive to encourage every believer to discover and share their God given possessions and talents.
  • We strive to share our many gifts and be united in one spirit.
  • ¬†We strive to show our world there is a loving God through serving, helping, and caring for others.