About Worship

About Worship

At Triumphant Cross we encounter God through Word (music and song, Holy Scripture, proclamation and prayer) and Sacrament (the means of God’s grace in Baptism and the Lord’s Supper).  Each worship service is made unique by our music, the children’s sermon, the regular sermon, and prayers. We use a liturgy, a specific order of prayers and hymns, and we celebrate Holy Communion at every service. We also use a lectionary, a schedule of Sunday Bible readings. Our service feels familiar to those acquainted with a Catholic or Episcopal service, and welcoming to everyone.

Children of all ages are welcome to worship, but if they wish, parents may bring them to Nursery Care provided during 9:00 worship. Just off the sanctuary there is a “Crying Room” from which you can hear and see the service while attending babies.

Musical Worship at 9:00

Our music has the high quality you’d expect from a larger richer church. We are blessed to have a number of very  talented musicians in our community who bring their gifts to bear in a variety of forms in our weekly worship.  In addition to regular anthems from our liturgical choir, our bell choir adds a special touch to our worship from time to time. The songs and music they provide uplift, inspire, and sometimes even challenge us.

Both choirs include all ages from high schoolers through senior citizens and are open to all. Vocal choir meets Thursday evenings 7:30 – 9:00. Bell choir meets Sunday mornings at 11:00.

Guest musicians, members of the congregation with musical talents, make occasional appearances as God leads. Examples are amazing flute and piano duets, solo voice accompanied by piano, and voices accompanied by guitar.


Expect to come away with something solid to chew on.  Each week members of the congregation will read lessons from the Old and New testaments, followed a message from the Good News, generally following the Revised Common Lectionary shared by Christians the world over. This week’s lessons include

A sermon will generally weave together the day’s lessons with contemporary ideas and experiences, creating a rope to support your faith.


Prayer time mid-service is alive. Congregation members have a chance to speak aloud if they wish. Some weeks we hear many spoken prayers, each one closed with the congregation’s response, “Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.” Sometimes the prayers are all silent within our hearts. Either way is OK.


All are invited to join us in sharing Christ’s sacred meal.  Our Savior’s body and blood nourish our faith, forgive our sin, and form us as living witnesses to God’s promise of unity, justice and peace.