Sunday School

Sundays 10:15 – 11:00am you’ll hear young voices drifting into the hallways. Sunday School is in session! Pre-schoolers through eighth graders meet with qualified teachers to learn about the Bible and its stories. Classes generally include a lesson followed by a craft or activity that makes the lesson tangible. Students are always welcome to bring a friend.

From September through November an Old Testament story is taught each week. Advent begins right after Thanksgiving. The four Sundays of Advent, we discuss the events leading up to Jesus’ birth at Christmas, usually with special songs or programming. After the new year, lessons move into Jesus’ time on earth and what the apostles experienced. During Lent we teach the events that led up to Jesus’ death and resurrection. Our students know that Easter isn’t just about bunnies, but about our Lord coming back to life. Many New Testament lessons round out the year until we break for the summer.

Children are invited to attend First Communion classes in the spring of 3rd or 4th grade. Pastor Scott teaches them about the items in the altar area, why we have them, and what the bread and wine mean. He also explains they will be able to serve as acolytes and what’s involved. First Communion is held on a Sunday near the end of May.

Confirmation classes span two years, 7th – 8th grades. In the fall of 9th grade, the confirmands meet with our Pastor for about eight weeks. Confirmation is at the end of October on Reformation Sunday. As part of the ceremony, confirmands say how they will be involved at church, such as reading the lesson during worship or working in the food pantry. Confirmands are adult members of the congregation and are encouraged (not forced though!) to take up duties that appeal to their talents.