Becoming Involved

We accomplish a lot because TCLC members give generously of their time and talents. Some can only help an hour here or there while others can give many hours to TCLC’s various ministries. All levels of participation are appreciated.

As for talents, many help by using skills they already have. For example, those who enjoy reading aloud can sign up to read the Sunday Bible lesson. Those with skill at plumbing might offer that skill to keep the building maintained.

TCLC can also be a kind of lab to develop skills. For example, someone who’s never taught may try co-teaching a Sunday School class and discover he or she gets a real kick out of the 5th graders. Someone who’s never done anything musical may try bell choir. The directors say, “If you can count, you can play bells!” For many, what they do at TCLC is different from the job they do all week. Using different sides of themselves provides balance.

How to Get Started

You can check two places for opportunities to help out. One is the Congregational Communications, and the other is the bulletin board at church opposite the bathrooms.

Congregational Communications is published weekly and emailed to everyone who has opted to be on the congregational email list. To be added to the congregational email list, please click here.

Bulletin Boards. Committee or event organizers looking for specific help will post a sign-up sheet on the bulletin boards in hallway across from the bathrooms. For example, currently there are sign-ups for acolyting and hosting coffee hour.

Asking. Please feel free to speak to someone at church, also. At the end of worship, usually a few people stand up to make announcements. Talk to one of them about your interests, or talk to our Pastor. He can direct you to areas of interest and help you engage your unique talents here.

Speak to a committee chairperson or Council liaison.

How Our Ministries are Organized

TCLC has a Congregation Council and seven ministry committees. Ten elected members plus the Pastor and a council secretary make up the Council. The Council meets monthly and oversees all the activities of the church. The ministry committees are Worship, Learning, Outreach, Fellowship, Property, Stewardship, and Finance. Each has a liaison on the Council. Volunteers on these committees engage others in the congregation to help run the various events.