Everything we do as a community can be understood as an expression of one or more of these three values. Our worship, learning, and stewardship ministries are anchored in our FAITH, and serve as examples of how we feed others spiritually. Our fellowship, youth, family, and care ministries are expressions of FAMILY, demonstrating how we feed people both spiritually and physically.  Our outreach, property, and Bread of Life ministries grow out of the value we call FOOD, the physical care of those in our community.


At Triumphant Cross our mission is to feed people—spiritually and physically. We feed people spiritually by providing life-changing connections to God and one another. We feed people spiritually and physically by providing a diverse, welcoming, and loving family of faith expressive of Christ’s love and hospitality. And we feed people physically by providing food for fellowship, for love, and for people who are food insecure. In feeding others, we ourselves are fed.