Although the governor of NH has officially lifted the mask requirement, wearing a mask properly is still required at Triumphant Cross at this time. This includes all employees, volunteers, and participants in outdoor worship and other organizations who enter the building (e.g. AA, Bread of Life Food Pantry, etc.). 

We understand there are many opinions about the necessity of wearing a mask and maintaining protective protocols at this time. The first priority of our community is to the safety and wellbeing of those who are members of the congregation and those who come to our facility for any reason.

The Council will continue to discuss changes to this policy in the future based on recommendations from our Bishop’s office, the CDC, and what we believe will be the best way to protect everyone who accesses our facility and congregates at our building and grounds.  We’ll keep you posted, but until further notice please continue to follow the protocols we have implemented for everyone’s safety.

How to join us for virtual worship:

  • You can join us remotely from the comfort of your home on Sunday with your computer, smart-phone, tablet, or regular phone. Or, you can join us for outside worship, bi-monthly, as weather permits. To access information for each Sunday worship experience please go to the worship services page, click on the newsletter link and join our e-mail list. Information to join ZOOM is also posted each Sunday on facebook. Be sure to follow our Facebook page and share! 
  • As we seek to find ways of connecting and communicating during this time of quarantine and containment, we have revived the Triumphant Cross YouTube Channel.  Be sure to “Like” and “Subscribe” to our channel to receive notification when new videos are posted.